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Q3DateEdit Class Reference
[Qt3Support module]

The Q3DateEdit class provides a date editor. More...

 #include <Q3DateEdit>

This class is part of the Qt 3 support library. It is provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using it in new code. See Porting to Qt 4 for more information.

Inherits Q3DateTimeEditBase.

Public Types

enum Order { MDY, DMY, YMD }


  • 58 properties inherited from QWidget
  • 1 property inherited from QObject

Public Functions

Q3DateEdit ( QWidget * parent = 0, const char * name = 0 )
Q3DateEdit ( const QDate & date, QWidget * parent = 0, const char * name = 0 )
~Q3DateEdit ()
bool autoAdvance () const
QDate date () const
QDate maxValue () const
QDate minValue () const
Order order () const
QString separator () const
virtual void setAutoAdvance ( bool advance )
virtual void setMaxValue ( const QDate & d )
virtual void setMinValue ( const QDate & d )
virtual void setOrder ( Order order )
virtual void setRange ( const QDate & min, const QDate & max )
virtual void setSeparator ( const QString & s )

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
  • 217 public functions inherited from QWidget
  • 29 public functions inherited from QObject
  • 13 public functions inherited from QPaintDevice

Public Slots

virtual void setDate ( const QDate & date )
  • 19 public slots inherited from QWidget
  • 1 public slot inherited from QObject


void valueChanged ( const QDate & date )

Protected Functions

virtual void fix ()
virtual void setDay ( int day )
virtual void setMonth ( int month )
virtual void setYear ( int year )

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual bool event ( QEvent * e )
virtual void resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent * )
virtual QString sectionFormattedText ( int sec )
virtual void timerEvent ( QTimerEvent * )
  • 37 protected functions inherited from QWidget
  • 7 protected functions inherited from QObject
  • 1 protected function inherited from QPaintDevice

Protected Slots

void updateButtons ()
  • 1 protected slot inherited from QWidget

Additional Inherited Members

  • 4 static public members inherited from QWidget
  • 5 static public members inherited from QObject

Detailed Description

The Q3DateEdit class provides a date editor.

Q3DateEdit allows the user to edit dates by using the keyboard or the arrow keys to increase/decrease date values. The arrow keys can be used to move from section to section within the Q3DateEdit box. Dates appear in accordance with the local date/time settings or in year, month, day order if the system doesn't provide this information. It is recommended that the Q3DateEdit be initialised with a date, e.g.

 Q3DateEdit *dateEdit = new Q3DateEdit(QDate::currentDate(), this);
                     QDate::currentDate().addDays( 365));

Here we've created a new Q3DateEdit object initialised with today's date and restricted the valid date range to today plus or minus 365 days. We've set the order to month, day, year. If the auto advance property is true (as we've set it here) when the user completes a section of the date, e.g. enters two digits for the month, they are automatically taken to the next section.

The maximum and minimum values for a date value in the date editor default to the maximum and minimum values for a QDate. You can change this by calling setMinValue(), setMaxValue() or setRange().

Terminology: A Q3DateEdit widget comprises three 'sections', one each for the year, month and day. You can change the separator character using Q3DateTimeEditor::setSeparator(), by default the separator will be taken from the systems settings. If that is not possible, it defaults to "-".

Date Time Widgets

See also QDate, Q3TimeEdit, and Q3DateTimeEdit.

Member Type Documentation

enum Q3DateEdit::Order

This enum defines the order in which the sections that comprise a date appear.

Q3DateEdit::YMD2year-month-day (the default)

Property Documentation

autoAdvance : bool

This property holds whether the editor automatically advances to the next section.

If autoAdvance is true, the editor will automatically advance focus to the next date section if a user has completed a section. The default is false.

Access functions:

bool autoAdvance () const
virtual void setAutoAdvance ( bool advance )

date : QDate

This property holds the editor's date value.

If the date property is not valid, the editor displays all zeroes and Q3DateEdit::date() will return an invalid date. It is strongly recommended that the editor is given a default date value (e.g. currentDate()). That way, attempts to set the date property to an invalid date will fail.

When changing the date property, if the date is less than minValue(), or is greater than maxValue(), nothing happens.

Access functions:

QDate date () const
virtual void setDate ( const QDate & date )

maxValue : QDate

This property holds the editor's maximum value.

Setting the maximum date value for the editor is equivalent to calling Q3DateEdit::setRange(minValue(), d), where d is the maximum date. The default maximum date is 8000-12-31.

Access functions:

QDate maxValue () const
virtual void setMaxValue ( const QDate & d )

See also minValue and setRange().

minValue : QDate

This property holds the editor's minimum value.

Setting the minimum date value is equivalent to calling Q3DateEdit::setRange(d, maxValue()), where d is the minimum date. The default minimum date is 1752-09-14.

Access functions:

QDate minValue () const
virtual void setMinValue ( const QDate & d )

See also maxValue and setRange().

order : Order

This property holds the order in which the year, month and day appear.

The default order is locale dependent.

Access functions:

Order order () const
virtual void setOrder ( Order order )

See also Order.

Member Function Documentation

Q3DateEdit::Q3DateEdit ( QWidget * parent = 0, const char * name = 0 )

Constructs an empty date editor which is a child of parent and called name name.

Q3DateEdit::Q3DateEdit ( const QDate & date, QWidget * parent = 0, const char * name = 0 )

This is an overloaded function.

Constructs a date editor with the initial value date, parent parent and called name.

The date editor is initialized with date.

Q3DateEdit::~Q3DateEdit ()

Destroys the object and frees any allocated resources.

bool Q3DateEdit::event ( QEvent * e )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QObject::event().

void Q3DateEdit::fix ()   [virtual protected]

Attempts to fix any invalid date entries.

The rules applied are as follows:

  • If the year has four digits it is left unchanged.
  • If the year has two digits, the year will be changed to four digits in the range current year - 70 to current year + 29.
  • If the year has three digits in the range 100..999, the current millennium, i.e. 2000, will be added giving a year in the range 2100..2999.
  • If the day or month is 0 then it will be set to 1 or the minimum valid day/month in the range.

QSize Q3DateEdit::minimumSizeHint () const   [virtual]

Reimplemented from QWidget::minimumSizeHint().

void Q3DateEdit::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent * )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QWidget::resizeEvent().

QString Q3DateEdit::sectionFormattedText ( int sec )   [virtual protected]

Returns the formatted number for section sec. This will correspond to either the year, month or day section, depending on the current display order.

See also setOrder().

QString Q3DateEdit::separator () const

Returns the editor's separator.

See also setSeparator().

void Q3DateEdit::setDay ( int day )   [virtual protected]

Sets the day to day, which must be a valid day. The function will ensure that the day set is valid for the month and year.

void Q3DateEdit::setMonth ( int month )   [virtual protected]

Sets the month to month, which must be a valid month, i.e. between 1 and 12.

void Q3DateEdit::setRange ( const QDate & min, const QDate & max )   [virtual]

Sets the valid input range for the editor to be from min to max inclusive. If min is invalid no minimum date will be set. Similarly, if max is invalid no maximum date will be set.

void Q3DateEdit::setSeparator ( const QString & s )   [virtual]

Sets the separator to s. Note that currently only the first character of s is used.

See also separator().

void Q3DateEdit::setYear ( int year )   [virtual protected]

Sets the year to year, which must be a valid year. The range currently supported is from 1752 to 8000.

See also QDate.

QSize Q3DateEdit::sizeHint () const   [virtual]

Reimplemented from QWidget::sizeHint().

void Q3DateEdit::timerEvent ( QTimerEvent * )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QObject::timerEvent().

void Q3DateEdit::updateButtons ()   [protected slot]

Enables/disables the push buttons according to the min/max date for this widget.

void Q3DateEdit::valueChanged ( const QDate & date )   [signal]

This signal is emitted whenever the editor's value changes. The date parameter is the new value.


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