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Qt Quick Code Samples

These are code samples that show how to use various aspects of Qt Quick. Larger compound interfaces are grouped as applications as they demonstrate more Qt Quick features.

To run the sample applications, open them in Qt Creator or use the included QML Viewer tool.

Some of these code samples have a corresponding tutorial. The Qt Quick features are covered in the main page. This set of code samples are part of the collection of Qt Examples.

Qt Quick Applications


Flickr Mobile


Photo Viewer

RSS News Reader

Same Game



Web Browser

QML Examples

Code samples demonstrate a general use for QML features. Some showcase how elements or properties can be used in an application.

Keyboard Focus




Right to Left

Model Views

Image Elements

SQL Local Storage




Shader Effects

QDeclarative Examples

These examples show how a QML based UI could interact with the QDeclarative module.

From Qt C++ to QML

  • Exporting C++ Classes
  • Exporting Qt C++ Properties
  • C++ Inheritance and Coercion
  • Default Property
  • Grouped Properties
  • Attached Properties
  • Signal Support
  • Methods Support
  • Property Value Source
  • Binding

Plugins and Resources

  • Plugins
  • Image Provider
  • Network Access Manager
  • Folder List Model - a C++ model plugin

Qt UI and QML Integration

  • QGraphicsLayouts
  • QWidgets

UI Components

  • Dial Control
  • Flipable
  • Progress Bar
  • Scroll Bar
  • Search Box
  • Slide Switch
  • Spinner
  • Tab Widget

Learning and Resources

The Qt Developer Network contains additional content such as learning videos, a wiki, and a forum for posting questions.

Elements and Components

  • QML Elements
  • QML Plugins
  • Symbian Components
  • MeeGo Components
  • QtWebKit QML Module

Qt Developer Network

  • Training Materials
  • Forums
  • Wiki
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